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Cloud Storage
Hosting companies usually manage large data centers, customers who need space to store their data buy or rent storage capacity and use it for their own needs. Background data center operators virtualize resources according to customer requests and publish them as virtual servers that customers can manage independently.
Market Analysis
Marketing (a term derived from the English language, in Italian also marketing [1] or merchandise [2] or mercatology) [3] [4] is a branch of economics that deals with the study and description of a reference market, and in general the analysis of the interaction of the market and the users of a company.
Server Space 001
That is, it represents a terminal node of the network opposite the client host. In other words, it is a computer or a program that provides the data required by other computers, thus acting as host for the transmission of virtual information.
The term would have been created during the Second World War; British Royal Army technicians were engaged in the decryption of the German codes of Enigma, whose internal mechanics they already knew (called hardware, hard component, in the sense of scrap metal) thanks to the Polish secret services. The first version of Enigma used three rotors to mix the letters.
In the IT field, the term storage refers to hardware devices, storage media, infrastructures and software dedicated to the non-volatile storage of large quantities of information in electronic format.

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